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It Takes A Village!

Coco's Kid'z is interested in partnering with companies that have solid brand images and reputations. Whether new or established, any prospective partner must have a strong community mission and be an industry leader. Key factors for evaluating a potential partner include the partner’s ability to leverage its assets, raise awareness, make a corporate contribution and/or help raise funds. Our partners promote Coco's Kid'z locally and nationally.

There are many reasons to partner with our organization, and we look forward to discussing opportunities with your company further.  New corporate partnerships that help advance the work of our organization are always welcome.

Coco’s Kid’z Lounge is seeking in-kind partnerships with Schools, Churches, Businesses and other community outreach programs of Kansas City. Forming a partnership will create a positive network and foundation that each entity shall benefit from. The Coco’s Kid’z Lounge will become the common denominator for parents in low income neighborhoods. We are offering positive activities, talent showcases, educational resources, spiritual healing and counseling services for kid’z k-12. We hope to inspire the community to become a village again, because that is what it takes to raise children.

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